Stephanie Meddaugh & Andrew Smith – a Connection

I’ve known Andrew for a few years now, talking photography, converting him from the childish-Nikon in to the manly-Canon world, and being part of Flanders & Sarah’s Wedding back in 2014. I knew I was in for a good time knowing Andrew and Stephanie, and they brought their A-game along with them. All of my couples connect extremely well together and show each other love, but these two are different; they excel at it. They spent their time messing with each other and being silly. I even kept a few of the behind the scene shots in because they are just too good to cull out.

We met out at Covered Bridge Park and I even got them in the water, without either of them falling in. I cannot wait unit October to be part of their wedding day and to enjoy & capture all of the shenanigans!