Weddings for Warriors


One half of each winning couple MUST be an active member of a WISCONSIN first responder department or job title.  This includes: state police, State Troopers, any Police or Sheriff’s department as an active LEO.  Security officers do not qualify.  Desk jobs do not qualify.  Firefighters, EMS and paramedics must be employed by a state/county/local department or private first responder company.  Winners will have to confirm their place of employment / licensing.
Winners are required to secure a wedding date between 2022-2024 by October 1st, 2021. 2021 wedding dates are not included in this contest. If you are getting married in 2021, please do not sign up.  Couples will be required to sign the standard Dean’s Photography retainer at a 100% discount for their winning Collection. All T&Cs will remain the same as provided in the agreement. Winners are unable to choose weekends that are already booked.
All retainer language shall supersede contest rules.  The #1 voted couple will get a 100% discount on Collection Three valued at $3,800. The #2 voted couple will get a 100% discount on Collection Three valued at $3,800.  If wedding is outside the standard 90 minute travel area, the couple will be responsible for overnight accommodations for the photography team.  Typically a single overnight stay in a hotel for two adults.  If a winning couple is having a destination wedding; the couple is responsible for all travel, lodging and car rental costs.
Winning Couples have until Oct 1st, 2021 to select and sign for their wedding date.  Wedding dates can be booked from Jan 1st, 2022 through Dec 31st, 2024.  There are certain blackout dates, including already booked weddings in which those weekends cannot be booked.  Major retail holidays are also blacked out, including November Black Friday weekends and the the weekends leading up to Christmas.
If you have further questions, please contact Dean Krapf of Dean’s Photography at