a Connection – Amanda & Jeremy

So in taking my second longest drive to shoot a Connection Session up in Upper Michigan to meet up with Amanda & Jeremy for a very long overdue Connect Session.  This was my first official trip to the UP and I got to go ALL the way UP North.  I got see my first ore dock, which still blows my mind the size of the thing and got to stand atop of Marquette Mountain.  Besides my journey to meet them, both of them have come along way themselves.  I am honored to work with Amanda on a daily basis with Verizon and I got to hear more about her story and Jeremy’s, both awe-inspiring.  They also brought both of their pups along for shenanigans.  Britton felt the need to run off right away, found deep water, and came back soaked.  It didn’t matter, we had a blast in some of the most beautiful God’s Country that I have ever seen.