Giving Back… But How?

I have been extremely blessed over the past decade and Angela and I have been tossing around ideas on a way that we could give back to someone, more specifically a couple.

I first thought about just opening the flood gates like an episode of  David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding.  Heck, and No.  This isn’t about finding the most obnoxious person in the world that feels like they deserve something because they sucked at planning or was pre-destined to suck, just to have me “help”.  I’m not looking to help someone like that at all.

We have been praying about it and I believe the Lord is pointing me in the direction to do something special for a disabled veteran.  There is so much that is owed to these individuals who have fought for our Country.  I’m not making a final decision as of yet, but if you do’t forget, send a prayer my way to give me the wisdom to do what’s best for someone and what will honor the Lord as much as possible.

Thanks be to Jesus first, and then to all of the wonderful couples that have been part of my journey,