Sneak Peak – Sam & Joel

Let’s start the story a few weeks ago, Monday the 20th of May to be exact.  I got a text message from Joel saying “Call me ASAP”.  His unit was being activated and deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan in just a few weeks.  He’ll be gone for nine months.  Considering we had booked their September 2013 wedding, something had to be done quick.

Friends and family moved at a pace I’ve never seen before.  Sam & Joel had a delightful private wedding on his folks beautiful home in Montello, Wisconsin.  Guests and photographers that will remain nameless skipped other responsibilities to attend their good friend’s wedding.

I personally said a prayer for Sam & Joel that the Lord stays close to them both, and that He gives Joel Godspeed and a safe return to all his loving family, friends, and beautiful new bride.

We love you Joel.

I am sure that everyone would like a sneak peak, huh?

Sam&Joel_0429 Sam&Joel_0449 Sam&Joel_0443 Sam&Joel_0434 Sam&Joel_0431 Sam&Joel_0497 Sam&Joel_0493 Sam&Joel_0491 Sam&Joel_0471 Sam&Joel_0463 Sam&Joel_0455 Sam&Joel_0500 Sam&Joel_0499