the ‘Booth

 Everyone has seen a photo booth at the Zoo or at the Fair.  It’s cramped, it takes tiny photos, and usually smells horrid.  Not our ‘Booth!

Dean’s Photography’s ‘Booth is a fully open-air unit that allows for over a dozen of your wild and not-so-wild guests to party hard!  We all have seen the “wall flowers” and the just plain bored folks at a wedding or other event; our ‘Booth is the kick in the pants they need to get up of their chair or off the wall to participate.

I have been reading other photo booth websites in the greater Milwaukee area and they are bashing open-air photo booths because they say you can’t see faces or the quality isn’t there.  I am tempted to pull some images from the “best” and “coolest” and put them to the test against the ‘Booth.  The comparison would be like SEAL Team 6 vs. Barney & Friends.  I understand poorly printed strips of photo paper that get thrown away within twenty-four hours, but why not have your images forever on Facebook or even in a professionally printed album?  the ‘Booth uses a full blown SLR camera with a quality lens and studio strobe.  Our guests can: jump, do hand-stands, drop trou, cart-wheel, toss toddlers in the air, conga line, all in sharp professional clarity.  Let’s see a 4′ x 4’ box do that!

Your guests may wait for a few minutes to get in the ‘Booth, but they will not be wasting precious dancing time waiting for low quality prints to drop out of a slot.  Then lose them on the dance floor, left on tables or on the floor of the restroom. the ‘Booth photos are processed and uploaded to Facebook within 24 hours to 48 hours.

Dean and his team members hang out at the ‘Booth to entertain, help, share props, and keep the insanity level just under 11.  We are local and not owned by a company that runs various photo  booths out of 19 cities, in other words: by the end of the evening, your guests will know us and love us.

The ‘Booth comes standard with the only package we offer and is also available by itself just in case you didn’t book Dean in time for your Big Day.

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