a Wedding Released! Mr. & Mrs. Rodd & Jennifer Reichardt

After 17 days of culling and precise editing -Jen & Rodd’s photos are now live on Pictage.com.

Jen & Rodd’s day was filled with much love, and many spills.  I believe I fell at least three times, but I saved the camera each time.   A groomsman or two fell as well, but no one was hurt, thank the Lord!

The joining of two families is always a grand event, and a BIG thank you to Jen & Rodd for having us be part of your amazing day.

To see the photos follow this link:   http://www.pictage.com/1393802  and then you must sign the guestbook/create an account with your email address.  It takes only a few moments and you will be photo surfing in no time!